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How To Speed Up A Video in Easy Way – 2021.

Almost in every type of creative work, videos are certainly the most important element. Whether it is an article or video that connects your different ideas and thoughts to perform.

In online marketing, videos can boost branding firms. You may make a branding logo of any product then encourage the consumers through videos.


Do you know what video marketing is?

Marketing use videos to promote and advertise your product or services, build a relationship on digital and social platforms, engage your consumers, customers and reach out to the new audience.

Video is not only part of a marketing plan but it is important for all channels on every platform.

Is video marketing being focus on nowadays?

Over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021(Cisco)

Yes, in 2020 video is at the top of the marketing strategy plan. Then in 2021 video has incorporated different marketing tool into a whole business strategy.

But nowadays, video is a comprehensive business approach, which means video content should be created in a conversational, actionable, and quantifiable manner by all teams.

Another reason video is good for website conversions is that it keeps consumers on the site long enough for them to look around. This is especially true for non-readers. People who are watching a video have been shown to stay for an extra two minutes if there is a video. 

Steps For Speeding Up A Video:

If you are a video editor, you must have to know the most effective transitions for creating a video which is shooting a clip in slow motion.

A editors allow us to reduce regular filmed video recording, turning a one-minute video into a 30-second video without losing its quality.

We can use an Adobe premiere pro software application to develop creative transactions. To show you how we have put a guide that outlines ways to speed up a video.

Following are the ways

  • Speed duration command
  • Rate sketch tool
  • Time remapping tool

1.Use Speed duration command in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

  • In adobe premiere pro first, we have to choose a clip in your timeline panel. 
  • After clip selection, we can change speed and duration. 
  • We can adjust the percentage of speed which we want. If the clip duration is shorter it may be higher in percentage.
  • Then click on “maintain audio pitch” to retain your clip’s audio

2. Rate Sketch tool in adobe premiere pro:

The Rate Stretch tool changes the duration of your clip speed so that the entire clip fits within the required duration, no matter how much you shorten it. Follow the steps below to utilize this tool to speed up one of your clips.

First, we click the “Rate sketch tool”

Then we can drag the sides of your clip towards the middle may help to a short clip.

3.Use the Time Remapping tool in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Time remapping is another tool for speeding up a video, following are the ways.

First, we select “Show clip key frames”, “Time remapping” and “speed” from the menu bar when right-clicking on your clip.

After clicking it we can see the color of that clip will be shaded in blue and a horizontal line will be across it, drag the line towards the top so it can increase the speed of your clip. The speed adjustment will be displayed as a percentage of the original speed of your clip. The audio in your clip is not affected by time remapping.

How to speed up a video on your iPhone with iMovie or the Photos app

We can speed up a video on iPhone by two different methods. We can use the free iMovie app’s option that is currently playing at standard speed.

If you are using your iPhone’s Slo-Mo feature to record a movie, open it in edit mode in the Photos app and play with the sliding vertical bars beneath the frame viewer. 

We can create a successful video for digital marketing which requires the use of a editing program.

Every editing app is different some of the apps are free and paid versions.

5 Reasons to view YouTube Videos at 2X the speed

YouTube video

YouTube has a great impact on our lives, it may be effected both positive and negative emotions. In our daily life, we can watch many videos at normal speed and high speed.

Through research, American consumes only 3 hours in a day because they watch speeded up video and listen speeded up speech.

“I truly recommend everyone to speed up their informational video and audio intake to learn more and have more free time” ~ Ilya Grigroik

Benefits of high-speed videos:

Speeded up a video only save time but it makes the video more meaningful and enjoyable.

If we watch videos at the second speed it a lot of time to understand it can be worth it or not but if we can watch at 2x speed, we realize it faster or we can easily skip it. Or of it interesting content then we can switch normal speed

On any website, if we watching videos at normal speed there is no button of 2x so it may be easier for us to watch directly on high speeded videos

We can consume more content, it can build our sense of achievement and experiment and we can easily do multiple tasks at one time.

We can do a fast-forwarding at 2x speed if we can do a lot of work.

Everyone has a different digestion rate so the normal speed does not suit everyone just in an interview we can talk about normal speed.


High-speeded videos are important in this era because we are so busy in our lives and have to do multiple works so if we watch at 2x speed it saves a lot of time.

It also grooms our personality. I believe that my brain works more quickly to get information

Many websites don’t have 2x buttons, I believe that more websites will introduce this function so the audience enjoys more content that would be beneficial for them.

Amaze your audience with your next presentation, tutorial, or introductory video by hiring digital marketing agency.

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