web design vs web development

Web Design vs Web Development- What’s the difference.

I remember in my early stages of learning web development, that I found myself confused multiple times about the web design vs web development. What are the roles of a web designer? Is there a difference between web design and web development? Are these two terms similar and have the same meaning?

The straightforward answer is no. Each has an entirely different role than the other. But first, let’s take a look at the many roles and approaches that a web designer and a web developer can take.

“We love what we do and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites.”

In this century, most people are involved in marketing.  Powerful web development services is very important for each and every kind of business. Through the web, it can be easy for people to find their business. It serves as a medium that provides low-cost advertising 24 hours a day.

It gives vital information about a company to its potential clients. Through the internet, companies can offer their product all over the world.

Do you know creating a website is as similar as LEGO sets?

In LEGO you have to first generate concepts, develop a design, and collect feedback from users. So there are many similarities in generating a website, people offer ideas and utilize information to their targeted audience.

An effective page must be well built from both visual and technical aspects. When the customers access a site they have to find it more professionally attractive and easier to manage.

Defining a web design

web design vs web development

Basically, the appearance of a website that is visible on the internet is known as web page design.it generally focuses on the experience of a user rather than software development. It is a front-end method of the site. 

They are a graphic artist who is responsible for the layout and the appearance. They ensure that it is visually more pleasant, easy to navigate and customers can immediately engage.

They can design according to the user experience and create an interface that’s aesthetically pleasing and delightful.

Benefits of web design

  • It can help you to build a good impression of your customers.
  • Encourage more visitors to attract and access the website. It is easy to navigate, result to generate more sales and boost its revenue.
  • A high ranking in Google will invest a good amount in designing to make the business more financially strong.
  • Customers can attract to your brand like font, color and logo so they can convey their brand values without wasting time.

Defining a web development

web design vs web development

The process of building a site for the internet is basically known as web development. It is a process of coding by using a programing language like HTML, CSS, and many others.

Developers are focus on the infrastructure of the page so they are back -end developers. Their work requires a great deal of technical knowledge and experience with advanced computer languages and complicated coding methods.

They can and upgrading and transforming the page to accommodate the company and customers’ requirements and needs.

Why it is important?

  • In the upcoming year, the career of web developer is highly seen. Businesses are increasing by responding to the digital world so they can fulfill their demand according to their needs.
  • When the user face problem with navigation, a developer should evaluate the pages and eliminate the problem of loading online pages. If the application has good navigation capabilities it is assured of more organic search.
  • It can increase the mobility of the customers through software so they can faster mobile services at a lower cost as a result to increase sales of the company.
  • To get improved in search engine optimization for getting the high income and the visitor who can visit the site they can easily to browse.

Web Design vs Web Development

  Web design  Web development
They are focus on the appearance and layout of the homepage.They are focus on the structure of the site and its functions by accepting their guidelines.
Designers are more creative and known as front end.Developers are more technical in nature and known as back end.
The product which they create from the logo is relevant to the brand of a company.A product that is planned by the designer and fulfills according to the programming skills
Attract and engage more customers by visual designsCustomers can easily access the fully functional site and easily reach the product.
Edit videos and photos easily for ranking higher in search engines.Create new applications; resolve the issues with the server host.
Tools which they use are Adobe Photoshop,  Illustrator, Dreamweaver, JavaScript etc. Languages used are PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, etc. 

How to choose the career?

Many of the businesses are doing the work online so we have to figure out that what career should we have to decide?

Both are performing an important role in the maintenance and construction of the site. So if you have to do some work for making the site feels good so you have to choose the designer.

But if you have a complicated structure and take a lot of time to complete so you have to hire a developer.


In the end, it is just like ketchup and spices in the sandwich so we require both to achieve a good result. They are significant for the online business in this era.

As financially aspects the salary depends on a number of factors including capabilities and experience. When they gain more talents the more fees can charge to the clients

Our company DigitalTechyx, web design company can hire designers and developers for the development of the site for the approaching the more customers and visitors for ranking higher.

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