6 Website Development Challenges and How To Solve Them

“We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” ~ Stephen Hawking.

Have you noticed anything about website development???? After 2020, the world’s a different place.

The rules of business have changed—there are new ways to get recruited, find workers, reach out to new clients, and (shudder) have them reach out to you.

People desire for real, individual connections in a world of franchise sameness, and mass market products have lost their appeal.

We, as consumers, want everything. We’d like to know more about your goods, how much they cost, and what we get out of buying them.

We’re curious about other people’s experiences, so we’ll look up what they’re saying about you on Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any of a thousand other pages. Oh, and we don’t want to pay any more money.

Are you listening?

We’ve been listening to our clients, and have created a brand-new approach to assisting them in their online endeavors.

The Internet has altered how we conduct business and communicate with others. It’s now something of an anchor that binds us all together. It’s a place where we spend the majority of our time. We communicate with others via WhatsApp or social media.

 In other words, we use the internet to find information about the topics that interest us. And it is the job of startups and businesses to give the customers what they demand.

From 2020, eCommerce has undoubtedly altered the way people shop online. A website or a mobile app is required for any company. This takes us to the significance of website creation as well as the difficulties that web developers and designers encounter while designing websites.

It doesn’t matter if you can design an attractive website; what matters is that you involve your customers in such a way that they become addicted to it.

Top Website Development Challenges by Web Developers

DigitalTechyx will be delighted to assist you if you are searching for a reputable website design firm, but we recommend that you first do some research to gain a thorough understanding of the process.

Before you buy something, you need to know what you’re getting.

In this article, we’ll explore a few of the challenges that web developers face in 2021 and how they can be resolved without going insane or losing anything. Here are some website challenges.

  • Unclear Client Requirements
  • Design Simple and Intuitive
  • Choose The Exact Framework
  • No CTAs On the Home Page
  • Inability to Scale
  • Website Maintenance & Security

1. Unclear Client Requirements

Before approaching a web developer with your project, brainstorm some ideas with your team and make a detailed list of what you want from the web developer.

Being very precise about the project is a smart thing to do. Even minor adjustments in the future will cost you a lot of money. Be specific about what you want on your website and talk to a developer about it.

2. Design Simple and Intuitive

Do you realize that users decide whether or not to stay on your website in a matter of seconds?

If your website’s navigation is difficult to use, visitors will abandon it.

The visitors would not even try to tell you what went wrong during the purchasing process. The majority of the time, though, it is due to the slowness of the website or the complexity of the design.

Even a minor navigational delay can result in a 20% decrease in website traffic, $1.6 billion in revenue, or 25% shopping cart abandonment, according to website developers.

Too many options can cause decision paralysis. And according to a survey done by Chip Heath and Dan Heath for their bookMade to Stick, ‘too many options confuse the customer which makes them leave the aisle.

This clearly shows that you need to display as few options as you can, so that makes it easy for prospects to make the purchase.

3. Choose The Exact Framework

Hundreds of frameworks are available. If you have no experience with web creation, you can seek professional assistance. Understanding the criteria and suggesting a suitable structure for them is a good practice when developing a website.

Even the web developer must determine which platform is best for the client. In order for this to happen, the website developer must first comprehend the client’s true needs.

4. No CTAs On The Home Page

Do you know that more than 70% of companies neglected to have a call to action (CTA) on their homepage?

When a new guest arrives on the front page, he has no idea what to expect. The customer anticipates that the website will make the purchasing process easy.

The lack of a call to action on the front page shows that the company has no idea how to close sales.

5. Inability to Scale

Scalability is one of the most common challenges that web developers face. The majority of entrepreneurs are unaware of their product’s potential.

As a result, they choose a CMS that is suitable for a startup but becomes difficult to manage as the customer base grows.

It’s more about maintaining the balance between how much a single server can carry when a web developer builds a website.

The developer’s target should be to choose hosting infrastructure that allows the website to operate smoothly even in high-traffic situations without causing delays or “bandwidth exceeded” notifications.

6. Website Maintenance & Security

So, you’ve built a website and celebrating your success with champagne.

But not yet; there’s one more thing for you to be concerned about. A website is an ongoing project. It’s not as if you built a website and then forgot about it.

Website maintenance is one of the most significant issues that businesses face. The owner doesn’t care how great the website is; if there’s a problem with out-of-stock goods, he just wants to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The featured product may or may not appear, and the banner may or may not appear. Worst of all, the website was compromised, allowing customers’ personal details to be stolen.

In this situation, the website developer must make certain that these minor problems do not stay for too long. And if they do, the problem can be fixed in a second.


As a website developer, you’ll always remain on your toes because there will always be one more problem to fix, one more thing to add to the website, and one more breach to prevent. It is your job to proactively deal with these problems.

If businesses are managing their websites on their own, then they need dedicated resources to manage their e-properties. While this may be easy for corporations, but is definitely not the way to go for smaller players.

There are lots of web development agencies that assist entrepreneurs and SMEs in setting up and maintaining their websites. In the end, it all depends on how fat your wallet is.

Finally, if you have any query about website development for your small business, contact DigitalTechyx and see Page 1 Ranking Guaranteed!

Success Story with DigitalTechyx:


German Luxury Car Rental is a popular global enterprise offering luxury cars as rent in UAE.

German Car Rental was unsatisfied with its global search positioning. It already had strong branding and rankings, but wanted to expand its online presence in the organic search results before working with DigitalTechyx.com.

 It was failed to finance in Digital Marketing due to high competitors.

So, German Luxury Car Rental, approached DigitalTechyx.com with the goal of increasing the number of search terms driving traffic to its website.

The Solution:


DigitalTechyx.com worked with German Luxury Car’s internal team and implemented aggressive strategies and created digital audit and restored the website’s content.

It was able to iron out complex on-site issues related to page structure, indexing and canonical URLs.

This effort helped German Luxury Car to boost its search visibility and reorganized German Luxury Car’s search presence and increased its organic search rankings, traffic and revenue worldwide.

In order to expand on the number of traffic driving keywords, DigitalTechyx.com consulted with General Manager of German Car and conducted extensive keyword research to determine untapped areas of opportunity.

The Results:

German Luxury Car’s return on investment with DigitalTechyx.com has been so dramatic that it leads increase in website traffic and increase in customer enquiries.

200% Increase in website traffic, Increase in customer searches on Google, Page 1 key phrases on Google & Increase in customer enquiries by 150%

“From the first six months, I started recommending DigitalTechyx to many friends and business owners”

Tarek Abu Abdo              

 (General Manager of German Luxury Car Rental)

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